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Recommendations for MapleStory fans

Below is a list of alternatives to MapleStory. Read comments about games like MapleStory below the list. Being a cute MMORPG that offers simple graphics and easy game play, MapleStory has become very popular. But the 2d world might be a little bit limiting so here we recommend games like Maple Story that are a little more sophisticated but that should still offer the simplicity of MapleStory.

1Action Role-playing Game is another free to play action role-playing game set in a gloomy fantasy universe of magic, monsters and undead. Still being under development with a beta being expected in the beginning of 2011.

Undisclosed game
  • Free to download and play
  • A stable online universe with the ability of handling hundreds of thousands of users at any given time
  • Modern 3d graphics for a a giraffe perspective pov
  • Fight huge amounts of monsters in diverse surroundings
  • Replayable levels generated by a high tech random generator
  • Rankings and leaderboards for all game modes
  • Intuitive combat with tons of skill combinations
  • PVP battles for world wide recognition

2Diablo III Killer is a website for new action RPG games that aim to give the fans new alternatives to the Diablo role playing games. Fans can contribute with own comments and post in the the forum about Diablo III Killer RPGs. The games presented there offer modern hack'n'slash RPG games with faster and more exciting online action.

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3 Another game like MapleStory who's creator advertise when people search for maplestory.

4 Yet another game in the list of games like MapleStory. (Mon May 2017)

5 The last advertisement for a game like MapleStory. (Mon June 2017)