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Below is a list of alternatives to Runescape. Read comments about games like Runescape below the list. RuneScape is the biggest browser based 3d MMORPG, with quests to complete, monsters to kill, and treasure to find. Here you find other games like it in the top 5 list of games like RuneScape. Enjoy and you might very well find your new favourite game here. Because honestly, Runescape just isn't really that good, is it? 

1Secret Game is yet another free to play action role-playing game set in a dangerous fantasy world of monsters, magic and undead. Now being under development with a beta being expected in early 2011.

Not Yet
  • Free to download & play
  • A firm virtual world with the ability of supporting hundreds of thousands of players simultaneously
  • Cutting edge 3d graphics for a a fixed perspective POV
  • Battle huge amounts of monsters in exciting areas
  • Replayable levels generated by a high tech generator
  • Rankings and ladders for all types of games
  • Intuitive combat system with many skill combinations
  • PVP tournament battles for world-wide recognition

2MapleStory is one of the first game a Runescape fan should try. It's a 2D(!) game with cute cartoon graphics, and because of this it's retro looking like RuneScape. The game being totally free and very easy to play has made it a huge success. The game is free to play in all aspects, unlike RuneScape, all in-game features and areas are available for free, and there are no restrictions at all for leveling and skills. Instead the game makers try to sell items that can customize your character, like clothing, pets and other items that only affect your appearance.

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3 Another game like Runescape who's creator advertise when people search for runescape.

4 Yet another game in the list of games like Runescape. (Mon May 2017)

5 The last advertisement for a game like Runescape. (Mon June 2017)