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Below is a list of alternatives to Second Life. Read comments about games like Second Life below the list.

1N/A is another free-to-download action RPG game set in a gloomy universe of undead, monsters and magic. Now being developed with a beta being releasedanticipated in early the next year.

Action Role-playing Game
  • Free-to-download & play
  • A stable online universe with the ability of handling hundreds of thousands of users simultaneously
  • Modern 3d graphics for a a giraffe perspective camera
  • Fight big numbers of monsters in different surroundings
  • Replayable levels put together by a sophisticated random generator
  • Rankings and leaderboards for each and every game mode
  • Intuitive combat with many skill combinations
  • PVP tournament battles for world wide fame

2Diablo 3 Killer is a website for modern action role-playing games that aim to provide its players better alternatives to the Diablo role playing games. Players can also contribute with own comments and to the forum about Diablo III Killer RPGs. The games there offer modern hack and slash RPG games with faster and exciting action.

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3 Another game like Second Life who's creator advertise when people search for second life.

4 Yet another game in the list of games like Second Life. (Mon May 2017)

5 The last advertisement for a game like Second Life. (Mon June 2017)