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Recommendations for Wizard101 fans

Below is a list of alternatives to Wizard101. Read comments about games like Wizard101 below the list.

1Not Yet is another free to play action role-playing game set in a dangerous fantasy world of monsters, undead and magic. Now being under development with a beta being expected in early 2011.

Not Yet
  • Free to download & play
  • A firm virtual world with the ability of supporting hundreds of thousands of players at the same time
  • Cutting edge 3d graphics for a a fixed perspective POV
  • Battle big amounts of monsters in exciting areas
  • Replayable levels generated by a high tech generator
  • Rankings and ladders for all types of games
  • Intuitive combat system with many skill combinations
  • PVP tournament battles for world-wide fame

2Diablo III Killer is a site for action role-playing games that try to give the users newer alternatives to the Diablo role playing games. Players can contribute with comments and write posts in the forum for Diablo 3-type rpgs. The games there offer modern hack'n'slash role-playing games with faster and exciting online action.

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3 Another game like Wizard101 who's creator advertise when people search for wizard101.

4 Yet another game in the list of games like Wizard101. (Mon May 2017)

5 The last advertisement for a game like Wizard101. (Mon June 2017)