Which is Safer Minecraft or Roblox? [2023]

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Are you a concerned parent wondering which game is safer for your child to play, Minecraft or Roblox? Look no further! Our team at Games Like™ has thoroughly researched and analyzed both games to provide you with an in-depth comparison. In this article, we will compare the safety features, community guidelines, and overall kid-friendliness of Minecraft and Roblox. So, let’s dive in and find out which game is the safer option for your child.

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Quick Answer

Minecraft and Roblox are both relatively safe games for kids to play. However, Minecraft has more robust safety features and a stricter community moderation system, making it the safer option overall. With its age-appropriate content and extensive parental controls, Minecraft provides a secure environment for children to explore and create.

Quick Tips and Facts

  • Minecraft and Roblox are both sandbox-style games that allow players to build and explore virtual worlds.
  • Minecraft is developed by Mojang Studios, while Roblox is developed by Roblox Corporation.
  • Both games have millions of active players worldwide, with a large portion of their user base being children.
  • Minecraft offers a single-player mode, while Roblox focuses more on multiplayer experiences.
  • Minecraft is available on various platforms, including PC, consoles, and mobile devices, while Roblox is primarily played on PC and mobile.

Safety Features

When it comes to safety features, Minecraft takes the lead. Here are some of the key safety features offered by Minecraft:

  • Age-appropriate content: Minecraft provides a safe and age-appropriate environment for children. The game is rated E for Everyone by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB).
  • Robust parental controls: Minecraft offers extensive parental controls, allowing parents to customize their child’s gameplay experience. Parents can restrict online interactions, limit chat features, and control access to multiplayer servers.
  • Safe multiplayer experience: Minecraft’s multiplayer mode is relatively safe, with options to play on private servers or whitelist specific players. This helps ensure that your child only interacts with trusted friends and family members.
  • Report and block features: Minecraft has a straightforward reporting system that allows players to report inappropriate behavior or content. Additionally, players can block other users to prevent further interactions.

On the other hand, Roblox also has some safety features in place, but they are not as comprehensive as Minecraft’s:

  • Content moderation: Roblox has a content moderation system in place to filter out inappropriate content. However, due to the sheer volume of user-generated content, some inappropriate content may slip through the cracks.
  • Report and block features: Similar to Minecraft, Roblox allows players to report and block other users. However, the effectiveness of these features may vary.

Community Guidelines

Both Minecraft and Roblox have community guidelines that outline acceptable behavior and content within the games. However, Minecraft’s community guidelines are more strictly enforced, making it a safer environment for children.

Minecraft’s community guidelines promote positive and respectful behavior, prohibiting any form of harassment, bullying, or hate speech. The game’s moderation team actively monitors and takes action against players who violate these guidelines.

Roblox also has community guidelines in place, but due to the vast amount of user-generated content, it can be challenging to enforce them consistently. While Roblox takes steps to filter out inappropriate content, some players may still encounter content that goes against the guidelines.


In terms of kid-friendliness, both Minecraft and Roblox offer engaging experiences for children. However, Minecraft’s simplicity and focus on creativity make it more suitable for younger players.

Minecraft allows players to build and explore their own virtual worlds using blocks. The game encourages creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration. With its peaceful gameplay and lack of explicit content, Minecraft provides a safe and educational environment for children.

Roblox, on the other hand, offers a wider range of gameplay experiences created by users. While this can be exciting, it also means that the content can vary significantly in terms of quality and appropriateness. Some Roblox games may contain violence or mature themes, making it less suitable for younger children.

Pros and Cons

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of both Minecraft and Roblox:


  • ✅ Robust safety features and parental controls.
  • ✅ Age-appropriate content and community guidelines.
  • ✅ Encourages creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration.
  • ❌ Limited multiplayer options compared to Roblox.


  • ✅ Wide variety of gameplay experiences.
  • ✅ Allows players to create and share their own games.
  • ❌ Less strict content moderation compared to Minecraft.
  • ❌ Some games may contain violence or mature themes.


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Does Minecraft have more hackers than Roblox?

No, Minecraft generally has fewer hackers compared to Roblox. Minecraft’s robust security measures and stricter community moderation make it more difficult for hackers to exploit the game.

Is Minecraft OK for a 7-year-old?

Yes, Minecraft is generally considered suitable for 7-year-olds and older. The game’s age-appropriate content, educational value, and parental controls make it a safe and enjoyable experience for children.

Is Roblox way better than Minecraft?

The answer to this question depends on personal preference and the specific needs of your child. While Roblox offers a wider variety of gameplay experiences and allows players to create their own games, Minecraft’s safety features and focus on creativity make it the safer option for younger children.

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In conclusion, both Minecraft and Roblox are popular games with millions of players worldwide. While both games offer enjoyable experiences, Minecraft is the safer option for children due to its robust safety features, strict community moderation, and age-appropriate content. With its extensive parental controls and emphasis on creativity, Minecraft provides a secure and educational environment for children to explore and create.

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